Fake lawyer arrested


Police in Kasungu have arrested a 61-year- old man for posing as a lawyer and in the process stealing money from two men.

The suspect is identified as Solomon Baza Msukunika from Kapelula village, Traditional Authority Kapelula in Kasungu district.

Public Relations Officer Kasungu Police Station Sub Inspector Joseph Kachikho said Msukunika, posed as a lawyer to help Paulo Divaison Banda and Kaluphira Divason Phiri, who were arrested between February and September 2021.

Msukunika then stole K550, 000.00 from the two.

Kachikho added that Banda and Phiri were among the people from Nthunduwala area who were arrested for inhabiting part of Kasungu National Park which is a protected area.

“Msukunika later came to his alleged clients in company of two people who he introduced as lawyers from the office of Parks and Wildlife and District Council. He then told Banda and Phiri that they can go back into the protected area, giving them hope that the matter had been legally settled,” he explained.

Following investigations, Msukunika was arrested on October 23.

Meanwhile, police records have three cases registered against him.

He is expected to appear in court soon to answer charges of theft, personating a public officer and presenting false documents contrary to sections 278, 389 and 360 of the Penal Code respectively.