He is ours: Malawians, Zambians fighting over Gilbraltar Goalkeeper


After attacking each other on economic grounds months ago, Malawians and Zambians do not seem to stop fighting.

The two so called twin countries are fighting over a European goalkeeper from Gilbraltar who answers to the name Bradley Banda.

Football lovers from the two countries believe the shot stopper belongs to their respective country because his surname is common to the two countries.

“Malawians let’s gather here. He is our own we must bring him home, tired of this Kakhobwe and Chipuwa costing us in every match,” said Somo Chimwaza.

Banda with Netherland’s Memphis

Another Malawian Chris Kuyere also commented: “Malawi is struggling to have a smart goalkeeper while Banda is saving the Gilbraltans? The ancestors are watching.

Zambians have also claimed Banda as one of their own.

“Zambians let`s gather here and discuss this Gibratar Goalkeeper Bradley Banda,” said Dee Chibo.

Chishimba Sikazwe from Zambia also said: “This is our Zambian brother, let him come and save us from the embarrassing goals.”

Banda made the headlines the previous night after saving Memphis Deepay` penalty during Netherlands and Gilbraltar`s World Cup Qualifier which ended in favour of the former by six goals to nil.