Mulhako faulted over DPPisation of the cultural celebrations


Mulhako wa Alhomwe annual celebrations held over the Weekend at Chonde in Mulanje have come under heavy public artillery over the over politicization of the cultural grouping.

Malawians have also condemned politicians for hijacking the event and turning it into a political rally.

Among leaders who addressed people at the cultural ceremony yesterday were former President Peter Mutharika who is also leader of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and former President Bakili Muluzi who is a member of the United Democratic Front.

Both Muluzi and Mutharika during the gathering spoke about divisions in the DPP following the loss of elections in 2020.

Mutharika, in his speech, also advised politicians looking to replace him as party president to exercise patience because he will not leave the position until 2023. He added that he will be the DPP’s presidential candidate in any election that may happen between now and 2023.

Malawians on social media have faulted the politicians for taking their political messages to the cultural event.

“So, if a government minister attended the Chonde event today, he would essentially have attended a DPP rally. Speaking for myself, I have never been impressed by these tribal groupings. Kaya ndi Mulakho, kaya mumati chibanja ca ayo, there is another one for the Tongas whose name I can’t be bothered to recall, acina Chefo cani. Same WhatsApp group. They are a ruse. A facade. A front for something sinister despite their otherwise innocuous disguise,” wrote lawyer Khumbo Soko on Facebook.

Commenting on Soko’s post, Atusaye Mwalwanda said: “These tribal groupings’ primary objectives are overshadowed by greedy politicians who invariably are also main sponsors.”

Journalist Jack McBrams tweeted: “And, by the way, is Mulakho a political or cultural event? Or both? The lines are blurred.”

An account purporting to be that of Lazarus Chakwera’s son, Nick, also chipped in suggesting that Lhomwes who are not members of the DPP would have felt out of place at the cultural event.

“Kodi alhomwe amene sali DPP ndi a fake kani? Mulhako wa DPP kapena alhomwe? Divisive if you ask me,” he wrote.