The knight of long knives: Probably the best album of the past 10 years after MTMTMK


Grisver Music`s album dubbed the Knight of Long Knives has been rated as Malawi`s best artistic collection in the past decade.

According to Malawi music enthusiasts, the album is well crafted in all angles which makes it a force to be reckoned with in the past decade, a fitting previously reserved for The Very Best`s MTMTMK.

Now, several people are rating, arguably, The Knight of Long knives The Very Best of Malawi.

“Now maybe more ears can go listen to just how amazing Grisver music is. Greatness! You can jam to it the whole day,” Tweeted Mr Martin

Another twitter user identified as Preach said Grisver`s music is amazing hence he has to keep the fire burning.

“Man, your work is amazing. Keep it up.”

Kenani Omega also saluted the rapper, “Keep going Mr. You are enough to make it happen.”

Some of the songs in the 17-track album are a sea of promises, Potential, Dawn, Stallion, written in the stars and Ruthless.

Should the artist submit his work to the prestigious Grammy awards, he will make history by becoming the first Malawian to claim such a prestigious accolade.

The album has been tipped to be Malawi`s reliable ticket to the first ever prestigious Grammy award.