South Africa introduces Visa for Malawian citizens


South Africa has introduced eVisa for Malawians, saying the eVisa will allow South Africa to pre-screen individuals before they travel to the rainbow nation.

Currently, Malawi is one of 28 countries whose citizens can enter South Africa visa-free for a period of 30 days.

However, when South Africa fully implements its eVisa system, Malawians will have to obtain the online South African eVisa in order to visit the country.

“This will also allow the South African government to pre-screen individuals using their biometrics and other details before they arrive in the country ensuring a safer travel experience for all visitors. It will also cut down the time travelers spend getting such screenings at the airport when they arrive in the country,” reads a statement posted on

In order to obtain a South African eVisa, Malawian citizens will need to have an email address where the eVisa can be sent once the application has been processed, a valid Malawian passport and at least 2 blank pages on the passport where entry/exit stamps can be placed.

Travellers wills also require a valid bank account information in the form of a debit/credit card that can be used for making online payments

Once the basic requirements have been fulfilled, applicants can then apply for a South African eVisa by filling out an online application where they will be required to submit some basic information such as, name, date of birth, country of citizenship as well as some passport details. Applicants will also have to answer some questions regarding their health and security.

They will then have to make payment online using a valid debit/credit card and then submit the application for review.

There might also be additional requirements that they may need to fulfill, such as proof of onward travel or a return ticket etc.

After submitting the South African eVisa application, Malawian citizens will have to wait a few days for it to be processed. If the application has been approved, their eVisa will be sent to them via email.

“Approved applicants of the South African eVisa will need to print out a copy of the eVisa to take with them to the airport when they travel. They will need to present it to Immigration officials at the South African airport upon arrival in order to be granted entry into the country. The eVisa will contain information about the maximum length of stay allowed for the traveler and the number of entries allowed on the eVisa,” reads part of the statement.

Thousands of Malawians travel South Africa every year and these travelers include those seeking job opportunities hence end up overstaying in the Rainbow nation.

South Africa has a very strict policy to deal with people who overstay their visa and such travelers can be placed on an International Immigration Control list and be banned from entering the country for up to 5 years.

South Africa says it has introduced the eVisa, electronic travel authorization system, to make traveling easier for people visiting the country decreasing the turnaround time for people applying for visas in order to visit the country.

The eVisa system facilitates the application of a South African visa for travelers while eliminating the need for them to visit a local South African embassy or consulate. It will also cut down the time travelers spend getting such screenings at the airport when they arrive in the country.