Respect me and everyone involved in this “Mesho” saga! Priscilla Kayira speaks out


TV and media personality Priscilla Kayira has come out in the open on the mesho saga.

According to social media reports, Kayira was caught pants down at her house having sex with her boyfriend’s housemate.

Several companies including Castel Malawi and Banja la Mtsogolo jumped on the issue to market their services; a move condemned by the Institute of Marketing in Malawi which advised the companies involved to retract the adverts.

The said adverts, which were birthed out of a story concerning some members of society recently got trending on social on social media platforms with the tag “Mesho”. Since then various people and known associates including, The Institute of Marketing in Malawi have spoken out against the remarks and judging it as poor marketing and cyber bullying.

Used as a common marketing tactic by brands to gain traffic for trending topics, the tactic has over the years become popular and had others to use it to their own personal benefit. Though used as a good tactic, others have taken it out of hand and infringing on the privacy of those in the public.

Speaking for the first time since the issue happened, Kayira has begged people to stop dragging the mesho Scandal saying it hinges on matters of individual privacy.

ELIN, Priscilla Kayira’s management has since issued out a press statement asking the public to stop with the ongoing allegations to avoid further damaging her image and reputation.



  1. So she knows she damaged her own image but doesn’t want others to damage the image further?

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