PASI introduces village mediators in Balaka


By Precious Makuta

Paralegal Advisory Service Institute (PASI) has introduced 30 village mediators from Traditional Authority Nsamala in Balaka district to work hand in hand with Police in resolving conflicts in the district.

The mediators will be responsible for resolving simple cases in the village through mediation and will be referring serious cases to authorities including Police for further action.

The development will reduce Police and court backlog of work as well as decongest Police cells since minor cases will be resolved in the village.

“There are some petty cases that need to be handled right away in the village, hence the introduction of the village mediators to help in the resolving such conflicts among people,” Alex Mwandila, Eastern Region Paralegal and Village mediation coordinator elaborated.

The pilot project has started in the area of Traditional Authority Nsamala in the district with 30 volunteers.

First Grade Magistrate Phillip Chibwana and Second Grade Magistrate Peter Nkuzi, Regional Paralegal and Village Mediator Alex Nkuzi as well as District Paralegal Officer Cynthia Chaphuka and some police officers from Balaka Police Station witnessed the occasion which was held at Balaka Police Station.