The Book of Zokolo trends on Twitter: Eli Njuchi watches x-rated clip and COMES to one conclusion: I don’t know the woman

'...Akanavomera koma?', asks Facebook Malawi


It wasn’t me! Eli Njuchi is “deeply saddened” by the recently leaked nudes that some people allege to be of a married woman he is dating. The afro-dancehall artist has “categorically” denied dating the woman.

Twitter Malawi was lit with allegations today that the Book of Z artist has been bedding a married woman. The allegations, unfounded according to the artist, went further to state that the artist has been videosexting with the said woman.

However, the teenager who purportedly watched the x-rated leaked video, categorically denied knowing the woman in the clip

“I would like to categorically state that I am not in any relationship with any lady named ‘Joy’ [and] do not have a friend named ‘Justice'” he said, expressing “deepest disappointment” in those “who have chosen to draw my name into such scandals for whatever reason”

“I cannot surely control how people use their platforms but I can only plead to everyone to remember that such lies have impact on the humans” whose names are dragged through the mud while revealing that he will seek legal redress against the culprits.

“I have since instructed my legal team to look into this issue and advise me of my options particularly as my name continues to be scandalized by these baseless allegations. I will not hesitate to avail my legal rights against any primary or secondary perpetrators of these allegations” he warned in a statement.

However, there were some who took the statement with a pitch of salt.

“Even when a thief is caught with the stuff he has stolen he still denies” wondered Hastings Chasokera while commenting on a story shared by Mikozi, a  tabloid Facebook page. Several people have, however, been backed the artist.