Nowhere to run for Chakwera


After President Lazarus Chakwera was grilled on HARDtalk earlier this week, Malawians on social media have also confronted the Malawi leader on his campaign promises.

Chakwera today posted on his Facebook page about his meeting with United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and I have agreed to work together on scaling up the use of green technologies in Malawi. The future looks bright,” the Malawi leader wrote.

Social media users stormed the post, asking Chakwera about his campaign promises and expressing disappointment that the president has failed to meet expectations after a year in office.

“How many jobs have you created,” asked one social media user.

Sinyangwe M Lukundo said: “Welcome to the reality of African politics. Things seems easy when in opposition. You have been baptized by your own voters. Expect more criticism based on the promises you made.”

“You almost became one of Africa’s inspiration but your ancestors couldn’t just let you be. Back to square one. Whoever bewitched African leaders,” said Mubita Amukusana Dreama.

Another commenter said they had learnt that Chakwera’s “government is family business”  while Wacquisa Prince Branco claimed that Chakwera “will be ranked the worst president” of Malawi.

Chakwera was interviewed by the BBC for the HARDtalk this week where he was about the number of jobs created by his administration.

The Malawi leader said about 300,000 jobs have been created but 600,000 jobs have also been lost because of the Covid-19 pandemic