I want my son back – Yohane Banda

Yohane Banda, biological father of Madonna`s adopted son David, has vowed to stage demonstrations in an effort to force the pop star to bring back his son.

Banda claims that he is now capable of taking care of his son who was adopted by the singer in 2006 at an orphanage in Mchinji district.

According to media reports, Yohane works as a security guard for G4S and he believes he has enough money to take care of his family. He believes the return of his son will allow him to connect with him.

Reports further indicate that the 42-year-old father is appealing to the government to allow him to make his voice heard at the US Embassy.

David`s father has also warned that if the American celebrity will not bring back his son, he will drag the foster mother to court for child trafficking.

Madonna is yet to respond on the matter. Recently, a picture showing her having fun with David went viral on social media.


8 thoughts on “I want my son back – Yohane Banda


  2. He is in school and with the mother and siblings he knows, should he abandon his schooling now and follow new lessons in Malawi, living with a father he barely knows.

  3. Mr. Banda gave his son up for adoption! He gave him away for Madonna to be his mother. What else is he expecting? Ignorance is not an excuse for stupidity. Wake up Malawi!!

  4. he should find other things to do. He should just thank Madonna for the great job he did. It was a legal adoption

  5. Where was he All thoz days…….leave the boy alone…………

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