Chipiliro Khonje irks Malawians 


Legendary player in the visual industry Chipiliro Khonje has angered Malawians having said the farthest local music can go is Zambia.

Writing on Facebook on Saturday, Khonje made the claim.

“Malawi music is just for Malawi maybe ndi Zambia. Sorry ngati zawawa izi (if this is a bitter pill to swallow). Don’t over think, don’t waste your brain on this,” reads his post.

In reaction to Khonje’s claims, some Malawians have torn apart the veteran producer.

“If Malawian music can not go beyond Zambia, then you are part of the problem.

You failed to uplift the standards when you were in the industry, now you have the guts to attack our music?” reads one of the comments.

“The only artist whose art was meant for Malawi is you. Where are your badly done videos?” reads another comment.

Also commenting on Khonje’s post, award winning video director Sukez has said Malawi music is fine for the international audience just that it lacks support.

“I beg to differ. Malawi music is one of the best. We are unlucky that this time there is less support  and less promo on international scene but in terms of quality I think we are good,” reads his comment in partial.

Musician and fashion designer Roy View concurs with Sukez. He believes local music is good for people from elsewhere but it lacks people who can promote it through international platforms.

“Malawian music doesn’t fail to go global because of poor quality but lack of connected management teams.”

However some people concur with Khonje.

“Chipiliro Khonje has said the bitter truth. Those who are stoning him are lacking the spirit of acceptance,” said Robert Tambo.


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  1. Khonje is right hundred percent. I have been sparing my time watching Malawian music videos or listening to the latest productions on Malawi, the quality leaves a lot to be desired, but when I watch videos from countries like Nigeria, Ghana or Tanzania, I enjoy the quality. I have noticed that Malawian music main problems are mastering and language. On mastering, the sound doesn’t bring out a thunderous rhythm or there is no refined quality bass- there is too much emphasis on keyboard or piano. The music just doesn’t appeal at all and one wouldn’t imagine it could command international interest. On language, Chichewa, the national language which is mostly used in Malawian music, can not attract international listeners especially in West, East , and Southern Africa or even beyond Africa. Malawian musicians should dominate their music with English while sounding African and must minimize using too much local language. Using too much local language therefore, means selling the music locally or in Zambia. This means Malawian musicians will hardly become prosperous in dollar terms compared to the likes of Wizkid or Davido.

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