Shocker: Road Traffic buying motorcycles at K30m

The Directorate of Road Traffic and Safety Services (DRTSS) intends to buy seven enforcement motorcycles at about K30 million each.

A notification of intention to award contacts for the supply of the motorcycles and other goods has been published by the DRTSS.

According to the notification dated June 23, the procurement of the enforcement equipment by the DRTSS was already budgeted for.

The cost of the enforcement motorcycles comes up to K216,107,500 and the contract has been awarded to Inspiron Technology. The company has also been awarded a K122 million contract to supply 60 personal assistant gadgets.

DRTSS also wants to purchase moving violation recorders for K400 million, 60 breathalyzer mobile printers at K47 million, two portable weighbridge scales valued at K65 million and two Mobile screen mounted on a trailed valued at K88 million.

Malawians on social media have argued that the motorcycles are expensive and the procurement is ill-timed considering the country’s economic situation.

“These bikes are expensive and some even cost more than 50M. The question should be do we really need the bikes this moment in time,” said one person.