Gwamba copies Drake’s God’s Plan: The reviews are in

If you are to plagiarise a masterpiece like the Monalisa, you better do it right or just satirise it. What an embarrassing miss for Gwamba. Call it the Mbappe miss.

The Major 1 artist was on a mission. Get There. Check! Copy God’s Plan concept. Check. No creativity whatsoever.

The song will trend but the video will bury it like your current favourite WhatsApp sticker. Gwamba claims he spent a whopping K3 million on production of the video, a cost which the receiving end believes is not worth the copied concept.

The video shows Gwamba making donations to the less previledged in a fashion akin to that of Drake in visuals for God’s plan. However, a certain fraction of the audience argue that he only managed to copy but failed to paste.

“Exactly God’s plan concept, sorry to say that it is not a match for Drake’s work,” said Mcdonald Here.

“We waited all this long for a video that lacks creativity. If I were a musician it could have taken me less than a week to produce this video, why should it take me months to release a copied work?” questioned social media user identified as Maya Gowelo.

Despite the video facing heavy criticism from part of the audience, some people have clapped for the audio. They believe the iconic producer BFB did a good job.

According to some people, BFB managed to accommodate two different styles of Gwamba and the legendary singer Maskal. They believe the song hosts elements of the rapper’s song called Better and Maskal’s Udalire.