16 millionaires made through Yabeba Promotion


The country leading mobile network Airtel Malawi has so far made 16 millionaires through Yabeba promotion which was launched on 12 may, 2021.

This was disclosed on Tuesday 15th June, 2021 during a 4th draw which took place on Zoom.

Every week Starting from 12 May 2021, 4 people are winning 4 million Kwacha each while 250 people are going away with 10,000 Kwacha each.

Speaking on Tuesday 15th June 2021 after the 4th draw, Airtel Malawi Public Relations Officer, Norah Chavula Chirwa said as Airtel they are happy that the Promotion is going very well and different people across the country are winning different prizes.

“So far, the draws have been going well, this being draw number 4 it now brings a total number of 16 millionaires and 1000 winners of 10,000 Kwacha. So that’s pretty exciting because this is only draw number 4 and this competition is still running up until 15th of August, so every week we are able to change Malawians lives for the better. You have seen today we have managed to reach out to someone in Dowa, someone in Zomba barracks last week it was in Nkhatabay so it is really inspiring to see that the draws and promotion are going very well and people lives are changing completely,” said Chirwa.

This week Four people have won 1 Million Kwacha each and they are Felix Kaponda from Lilongwe (a cleaner), Cosmas Zipala from Dowa, Patrick John (Soldier) from Zomba and Marrium Salim Mtopwa (House wife) from Blantyre. 250 people have also won 10,000 Kwacha each.

One the one Million Kwacha winners Cosmas Kapala who resides in Dowa District, said he is very happy to win 1 Million Kwacha, because to him it’s like a dream and he will use that money to change his life in a better way.

“I am very happy to win 1 million Kwacha and this money will change my life completely, I am just a man who is not well educated and am not even employed. So, with this money I will start  business and also I will buy a plot so am very happy and I should commend Airtel Malawi for coming up with this promotion because even people like us from rural areas are going away with huge amount of money so this is commendable and very exciting,” said Kapala.

The Promotion started on 13 May 2021, and it is expected to end in August this year.

Four Winners will be winning one Million Kwacha Cash Prizes weekly until the Promotion ends.