Pa Ground reviews are in: Worst of 2021

Assessments are trickling in for Phyzix` song “Pa Ground” two days after it dropped into the public sphere.

The song which features the legendary hip-hop duet “The Daredevils” has been greatly rated as the worst release of 2021.

Part of the audience cling to the view that the hip-hop giants raised great expectations prior to freeing the song, only to disappoint.

“We keep complaining that Malawi hip-hop is not taking us somewhere far, how do you expect beautiful destinations with this kind of trash,” said Makavelli Chronology in a Facebook comment.

Another social media user Marcus Chikapa concurs with Makavelli that the song is half-baked. He wrote, “That’s true, they have goofed on the song. They just have to redo it.”

Some people argue that the song has been poorly done because the Daredevils` level of talent is dwindling.

“The Daredevils have lost the hip-hop bite, no wonder this song is poor in its entirety,” said Wat G

Prior to release, the song was tipped to be the year`s anthem. This is because it addressed the current pathetic economic situation of Malawi.