Nepotism and rot: Chakwera appoints Chilima’s in-law to embassy position


Rot continues to dominate President Lazarus Chakwera’s appointments with the latest case being the appointment of his deputy’s mother-in-law to an ambassadorial post.

Chakwera has also re-appointed a former ambassador with a track record of abusing office.

According to a leaked document that Malawi24 has seen, Chakwera has appointed Ms Margaret Kamoto to head the Malawi mission in Lusaka, Zambia. It has been established that Kamoto is the mother to the wife of Vice President Saulos Chilima.

In a Facebook post that Chilima’s wife, Mary, made on 2 April, she sent birthday wishes to her mother, Margaret Kamoto. She has now been appointed the ambassador.

In the week, it had emerged that Chilima’s UTM was threatening to walk away from the alliance over appointments that have largely been in favour of the MCP which is the leading party in the alliance.

Nepotism has been a hallmark of Chakwera presidency having had appointed his own son-in-law into the post of Communications Director at the state house.

He also appointed the Mia couple into cabinet just as he appointed the Kandodo relatives. He cemented the nepotistic appointments with appointing Minister of Information Gospel Kazako and his sister-in-law.

Chakwera has also re-appointed Ms Stella Hauya Ndau to head the controversial Malawi mission in Pretoria, South Africa. Ndau has ever headed the mission before where she was found to have misused money amounting to over MK3 million. She used the money in procuring berets for the Joyce Banda Foundation.

The appointment of an envoy to South Africa come hot on the heels of South Africa expunging diplomats from Malawi over an alcohol scandal.