This is not Malawi – Zambia President 


Edgar Lungu warns opposition on using violence to take over power
Zambia President Edgar Lungu who faces an uncertain future in the August polls has warned the opposition in the country to stop using violence as a route to power telling them that the ‘Malawi fiasco’ would not work in Zambia.

Speaking to a journalist at the State House grounds in Zambia, hours after collapsing from what he said was a slight dizziness, Lungu said that he is aware of plans by the opposition to use the Malawi fiasco in getting to power.

“However, this will not happen in Zambia as long as I am in control,” he said.

He has since threatened to use his power as the state President to bring the situation under control if violence would escalate and people were not to be observing Covid measures.

His reference to Malawi has cast some doubts on his relationship with the current Malawi leader, Lazarus Chakwera, who came to power after the courts nullified an election conducted in the previous year. In the course of awaiting an outcome from the courts, Chakwera had taken to the streets where he led violent demonstrations.

Lungu faces stiff competition from opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema. Economic problems have worsened Lungu’s position of retaining the Presidency.