Company closed over thin plastics


The Malawi Environment Protection Authority (MEPA) has closed Aero Plastics Limited in Blantyre for defying the ban on thin plastics.

Aero plastics has also been ordered to pay a K5 million fine as it failed to comply with the Environmental Management (plastics) regulations of 2015 which prohibits the importation, manufacture, trading and distribution of plastics, plastic bags and plastic sheets made of plastic film that is less than sixty micrometers thin.

Acting Director General of MEPA Tawonga Mbale-Luka, said in a closure order that during an inspection at Aero plastics on 7th June it was found that a vehicle was loaded with thin plastics for trading and commercial distribution.

This has led to the closure of the company and the K5 million fine.

The premises will be opened when the MEPA director is of the view that the Environmental Management (plastics) regulations of 2015 have been complied with otherwise the company will remain closed until court proceedings are concluded.

Thin plastics were banned in Malawi in 2019 but  a company called Golden Plastics sought a stay order against the ban. The High court dismissed the application last month allowing MEPA to start enforcing the thin plastics.