KFC Malawi employee punches guard


A KFC Malawi male employee on Friday hit a female guard in front of customers at KFC premises in Lilongwe.

A video shared on social media shows the two charging at each other. The guard then aims a punch at the employee but misses. The male employee’s punches, however, land on the face of the woman.  Another person then manages to restrain the employee and leads him back into the restaurant.

KFC management confirmed in a statement yesterday that a KFC employee was involved in an altercation with a guard employed under a third-party contract.

“The altercation was due to a personal issue and is entirely unrelated to the operations of KFC,” the company said.

It added by condemning both the woman and the man saying their actions do not reflect the culture of KFC which involves “tolerance, understanding and settling disputes through peaceful means”.

Meanwhile, the incident has been reported to Police and the company has committed to support any action the law enforcers will take.

Malawians on social media have since demanded the company to fire the male employee.

“Aside from whatever the police recommend should be done, the guy must be fired,” said one person.

“We will boycott KFC if this lady doesn’t get her justice,” said another person.