Bingu was the best in Africa, Malawians issue their verdict

Bingu wa Mutharika

Malawians says former President Bingu wa Mutharika was the best leader in Africa.

Mutharika led Malawi from 2004 to 2012 – the year he died while in office at the age of 78. During his rule, he introduced input subsidies to fight hunger and his government implemented infrastructure projects including a hotel and stadium in Lilongwe and a university in Thyolo.

On the 9th anniversary of Bingu’s death yesterday, Malawi24 asked Malawians for their opinions on Mutharika’s leadership. Some commenters said Mutharika was the best president in Africa during his time.

“Probably one of the best leaders in Africa after Nelson Mandela. He is equal to none of these current leaders of ours. A visionary leader, a patriotic leader, so many adjectives to describe him. A leader who could not listen to gossips but rather maintain his decision. A great son of this soil. Bingu RIP,” said Christopher Mwandira.

“They didn’t believe him when he said we can make it without donors and now Tanzania is practicing what he preached,” said Elia Kadyakale.

Commenters also hailed Mutharika for his visionary leadership.

“The best president we’ve ever had. A true visionary. His head was already 20 years ahead and had an actual plan for the country,” said Vincent Gama.