South Africans troll Malawi Labour Minister over ‘xenophobic’ remarks


South Africans have called out Malawi Labour Minister Ken Kandodo for his remarks against foreigners working in Malawi.

Kandodo said earlier this week that some foreigners enter the country as tourists but are later employed in companies and work without permits.

“They end up taking up jobs that can be done by Malawians. That is something that we cannot tolerate, we are going be very tough on foreign workers who are working here in Malawi,” said Kandodo.

After Malawi24 published the story on Tuesday, South Africans stormed the comment section, calling out the minister for the remarks which they said are xenophobic.

The commenters also said that tough action can also be taken against thousands of Malawians working in South Africa without permits.

“But if South Africa says this, it’s called xenophobic. South Africa belongs to South Africans–Also We will do the same!” said Lerato Cedrik.

LethySlindi Mbatha concurred saying: “If it’s a South African leader who have said this, they would have been labelled as ‘xenophobic’ but when it’s said by others it’s seen from an economic perspective. And that is not fair.”

Added Mbatha: “And I’m here thinking so what does the particular Minister suggest other countries that have employed Malawians should do?”

While Tinashemaonya Tinsmarx said: “Which jobs are you talking about, whilst your own citizens are running away from those jobs. Out of all countries Malawi should keep quiet.”

Malawians who commented urged the minister to focus on creating jobs rather than attacking foreigners.

“Why being tough on foreigners. Just treat them fairly like the way you want Malawians to be treated when they are working outside. Use your brain Mr. minister,” said Emmanuel John.

There are about 87,000 Malawians in South Africa, according to South Africa official data, and many of the Malawians work in shops, factories and as domestic workers or gardeners.