Nkasa leaves the audience hungry for more

Veteran singer and songwriter Joseph Nkasa has once again proved that he has predatory instincts in front of the mic having left the audience with an insatiable appetite for his tunes.

Phungu, as the musician is fondly known, returned to live performance on Mikozi platform last night, after a long absence from the scene. The legendary singer lit the stage with all the spicy zeal, much to the delight of the audience.

Thousands of Malawians from all walks of life braved the exorbitant costs of internet to reunite with the legend. By the end of the show, the language of satisfaction filled the hearts of the receiving end.

However, most people have complained about the brevity of the live session. They believe less than quarter of an hour was not enough for Nkasa to dish out all his ballads.

Sam Mulonya commented, “couldn’t you make it longer? That was lit.”

“The performance should have been longer, what about my favourites, what about Mzimu Oyera?” said Ferdinand Mulagha

Some of the songs which Phungu performed are, Anamva, Zosainasaina, and Mose Wa Lero. He performed with a team of backing vocalists which included reggae songstress Queen Fyah.

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