Woman Marries into Tribalistic Family

A shocking but yet touching love story was shared on social media on the 11th of February 2021 by activist Pemphero Mphande. Mphande started a segment on Facebook called ‘Month of Love with Pemphero’ were Facebook users share their love stories this February. All the stories are shared anonymously .

Even in recent years issues of tribalism are  sprouting and a 28 year old woman shares that it almost ruined her chances of marrying the love of her life. the Lomwe woman was set to marry her  Tumbuka fiancé in 2019.

Upon meeting his family in Rumphi for the first time she was scorned and humiliated by her fiancé’s mother who cried hysterically and said, “They are going to take away my only son. They will make him build his house there then kill him. These Lhomwes”.

As though that wasn’t enough, his family sent her threats warning her to leave their son and she added to say, “These people hated me passionately because I was of a different tribe”.

Most men would choose family over the woman they want to marry but he stood his ground and expressed to  his mother that he would marry her regardless of their opinion. His mind was made up and  after they were wedded in October 2019. ” He conquered hate and tribalism with love. I hope we always rise above tribalism”, added the woman.

The story caught the attention of many with 6,600 likes and over 4,000 comments. Facebook users were deeply touched by her story. One Walusungu Kita expressed “I love this… the story has touched me so much.. its not easy for a northerner and southerner to agree in marriage but you guys seems you have conquered your tribalism differences with love. Well done may God continue to bless your marriage.”