Man fined K0.5 million for possessing fake currency


By Michael Chiotcha

Mangochi First Grade Magistrate’s Court on Monday ordered Rashid Kwitambo, 42, to pay K500,000 fine over fake currency.

According to Mangochi police station Deputy spokesperson Sub Inspector Amina Tepani Daudi, during court proceedings Mangochi police prosecutor Sub inspector Grace Mindozo told the Court that on the evening of July 26, 2020, Kwitambo was apprehended and handed over to police by community policing members after he was caught with K70,000 in K2000 fake Malawian notes at Mpimilila Market.

The prosecutor added that the police contacted the Reserve Bank of Malawi and the bank examined the notes and confirmed that they are fake.

Appearing in court, Kwitanda pleaded not guilty and the state paraded five witnesses who proved the case beyond reasonable doubt.

In mitigation, Kwitanda asked for leniency, but the state quashed his appeal, saying that he should be given stiffer penalty for others to learn.

Passing judgment, First Grade Magistrate Mtunduwatha Mpasu concurred with the state hence ordered Kwitanda to pay the fine of K500,000 or in default 16 months imprisonment with hard labour.

The convict has since paid the fine. Rashid Kwitanda hails from village Makuta from Traditional Authority Kachenga in Balaka.