Chakwera lauded over Covid-19 speech: Malawi registers over 100 thousand suspected cases

...Commentators question night curfew’s legality in the absence of State of Emergency declaration  

Malawi President has been lauded by commentators on social media over measures taken to curtail the spread of Covid-19 in the speech made last night with over 12 thousand cases confirmed in the country.

Chakwera who was lambasted last week for a lackluster approach to the deadly Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) that has killed 314 people in Malawi including two cabinet ministers against a backdrop of over 100 thousand suspected cases.

“Lazalo was bold yesterday. He shared strategy and that is exactly what we’ve been holding him accountable for & longing,” wrote whistleblower, Mulotwa Mulotwa.

Meanwhile questions are rising over some of the measures introduced that include a curfew on people from 8pm as the president has not declared a State of Emergency.

Section 45 of the country’s Constitution stipulate that there shall be “no derogation from rights” unless a State of Emergency is declared.


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