Chitipa United coach says working as a volunteer


Chitipa United coach Alex Ngwira has not been overseeing the Super League team’s training this week after complaining that he is not receiving any money from the club.

Ngwira may not be on touchline for Chitipa’s Super League game today as there is misunderstanding between him and the team.

In an interview, Ngwira admitted that he has not been receiving anything that can motivate him to work hard.

Ngwira added that this has also contributed to the poor performance of players.

“Yes after games in central region last weekend I decided to stay behind. I am here at home in Mzuzu, I am no longer with Chitipa. I was working as a volunteer and was receiving nothing that can give me power and motivated, this even contributed to players performance as they are lacking motivation, once they solve my problem I will go back to Chitipa,” he said.

He added that he is open to moving to another club.

“I am ready to work with any team, and this can happen after next month February when my contract with Chitipa United will expire, but as for now am home relaxing,” he said.

In a separate interview, General Secretary for Chitipa United Duma Ngoma accepted that there is some misunderstanding with Ngwira that’s why he is not with the team.

“Yes it’s true, coach Ngwira is not with the team because there is misunderstanding with him but when we sort it out you will see him back it Lions camp,” said Ngoma.

Chitipa United have so far played 7 games, they have drawn six and lost one.