Malawian returnees destroy property at isolation facility


Returnees on Sunday damaged property at Mapanga Prison Training College as the returnees demanded to be given back their passports so that they can go home.

Firefighters at the isolation facility

Malawi on Saturday received 518 returnees from South Africa and as per government guidelines they were taken to Mapanga Prison Training College in Blantyre which is being used as an isolation facility.

However, the returnees today started demanding to go back to their homes and they also demanded to be given back their passports.

To show their anger, the returnees blocked a road, stoned vehicles, damaged property at the centre and also set on fire part of the building.

Police had to fire teargas in order to control the angry returnees.

Reports show that over 20 returnees have escape from the isolation centre.

Spokesperson for Mwanza Border Post said the returnees will be given back their passports where their Coronavirus test results are out.

“All border formalities are required to be followed just the way we do right at the border for every entry,” he told the local media.

Malawi has seen a rise in Coronavirus cases over the past two weeks and the total number of cases on Saturday passed 8,000.


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  1. We are getting more of this kind of behavior from returnees. Covid cases are rising at an alarming rate. To avoid more of such behavior, the best would be to close the borders forthwith.

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