Two chickens going at K140,000


Two chickens are being sold at K140,000 in Lilongwe with the seller touting the chickens as excellent egg layers.

On a group call Poultry Farmers Malawi, one person is selling a Blue Orpington hen and cock at K140,000 while another has pegged the same two chickens at K90,000.

A screenshot of the post

According to the seller, the Blue Orpington breeds are a large, docile chicken breed and their feathering allows the endurance of cold temperatures better than other breeds.

“The Orpington is considered an active fowl and does well either confined or free-range. They have a friendly disposition and lay large light beige eggs. They are excellent egg layers,” the seller said.

But people commenting on the posts have not been too kind with their comments with many noting that the two chickens have the same price as a cow.

“Nkhuku zofunika insurance izi. Zomagona nazo ku Master bedroom (These chicken will need to be insured and be kept in the Master Bedroom),” said one commenter.

“That’s a price of 5 goats be serious may be the chicken is the size of an ostrich,” chipped in another one.

While another commenter said: “Imagine you get such chicken for a restaurant business do you think it can refund the money, some of these breeds are meant for tourism not for food consumption so we Who don’t own farms it’s just useless raising.”

The seller defended the price saying Blue Orpington are ornamental birds and are new breeds which will replace Kuroiller and Mikolongwe breeds.