Bushiri’s request to use Bingu stadium rejected

Bingu National Stadium management has rejected Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s request to use the stadium for the crossover event this month.

Bushiri who leads the Enlightened Christian Gathering wanted to book the stadium for a crossover event scheduled for December 31 and the management of the stadium initially allowed Bushiri to use it.

However, the stadium management says it has made further consultations and has found that the stadium may not be able to host the event.

One of the reasons for the U-turn is concern that the event will attract a huge number of people beyond even the normal capacity of the stadium hence contravening Covid-19 preventive measures.

The other reason is that the stadium will be undergoing maintenance in preparation for CAF inspection which will happen in early January 2021.

“At the time of CAF inspection management may not have enough time to restore the stadium to its normal status due to anticipated damages or losses to be repaired or recovered respectively as seen from past experiences,” reads part of the letter from BNS management to Bushiri’s spokesperson Ephraim Nyondo.

The rejection comes as the Malawi Government has received an extradition request for Bushiri from South Africa.

The Rainbow Nation wants Bushiri and wife Mary, who jumped bail and fled to Malawi last month, to be handed back to South Africa to answer charges of money laundering.