Namadingo floored


Malawi musician Patience Namadingo’s past is back to taunt him.

In May 2019, just before the Presidential Elections, Namadingo engaged to Rehanna Rice at a colorful event that took place at Machinjiri in Malawi’s commercial headquarters, Blantyre.

Namadingo and Rehanna

The couple was set to wed this year.

But come 2020, the year mauled by the Coronavirus disease (Covid-19), the wedding was off the calendar.

While the reasons for the change of plans have been swept under the rug, with both Namadingo and Rehanna choosing silence, Malawians on social media have been asking the BET aspirant as “when is next year” coming to be.

“Three more Sundays, kuli chetechete”, wrote Covenant Fatch, reminding the Maplan hitmaker of the Sundays before 2020 officially winds up.

“Kodi ‘next year’ uyuyu ndi uti? Sanafike?” wondered Francis François Chisale.

“As social media in-laws we demand an explanation from Namadingo as to why the wedding is delayed. Surely money is out of the equation”, queried Emràn Ramil Jr.

But clearly after getting wind of the taunts, Namadingo shared a post on Thursday this week (3 December 2020) indicating the two are still dating.

In his Facebook post shared on his official page, he declared that he is “feeling in love”, referring to Hannah Mpunga/Rehanna Rice as “Mrs Namadingo”, with a hashtag “#Akazanga”.

He further revealed that his forthcoming album which is set for release next year will be titled Riri, named after the ‘Mrs Namadingo’.

All that said, Malawians continue to ask: “When is next year” coming for Namadingo’s wedding.