Immigration officers urged to avoid corruption


Malawi immigration officers, particularly those working in the country’s border posts, have been told to be patriotic and refrain from all corrupt malpractices.

This is according to the newly appointed Director General of Immigration and Citizenship Services Hennings Mlotha who was speaking at Mwanza border formation following a maiden tour on Thursday, November 26, 2020.

Mlotha said officers need to ethically be disciplined in the course of discharging their duties in which he indicated that it truly indicates how professional the officers are which in the end brings along trust to the clients they serve on daily basis.

He said the whole Immigration department in the country has a very bad reputation on corruption which he condemned and sent a strong warning to officers on the malpractices claiming he will never tolerate such behaviors.

The Director General further added that the outcome of the malpractice has serious consequences on the officer involved, the Department and the nation as a whole since it may also compromise national security and social economic development.

“Officers your routine border operations are not easy, I know how tough it is, but I appeal to you all to remain patriotic to the mother Malawi and guard this country jealously.

“Don’t be tempted to corruption because it is evil. You are being reminded to always be professional and you will be rewarded handsomely,” said Mlotha.

In his remarks, the officer in charge for Mwanza border formation Eriksson Kanyaza indicated that the formation has achieved a lot in areas of good working relationship with all key border agencies including Mozambican counterparts at Zobue.

Kanyaza said the facility has excellently performed good on timely clearance of self-repatriated Malawian returnees and truck drivers who are bringing in essential services in the country, enhancement of border security through ad hoc roadblocks.

The Officer in Charge also said the border has managed to reduce cases of aiding and abetting of illegal immigrants through sensitization campaigns to the people living along border lines.

After his tour at the formation, the Immigration Director General later visited Makali roadblock, Kapongatora crossing points along Zobue-Tete route, Chikombe border Post Kachaso and Agola crossing points