Gamba humbled: loses FB to hackers

Hip hop heavyweight Phyzix has fallen victim to cybercrime after hackers hijacked his Facebook page weeks ago.

The ‘Gamba wa Suit’ as Phyzix is fondly known has revealed that he went silent on his Facebook page due to hacking.

He added that he engaged cyber experts who have managed to track down the culprits.

“We immediately instituted investigations with the help of cyber experts from across the region. They have done a commendable job so far and have unmasked the attackers who are sadly fellow Malawians,” the rapper said.

The Blantyre based artist has described the hacking as an act of hate and jealousy.

“To us, this is pure act of sabotage, hate and jealousy.”

Phyzix is one of the most followed Malawian urban artists on Facebook. His page on the said platform has over 60, 000 followers.

According to the musician, the Facebook page is his major platform for connecting with his fans. As such, he will fight tooth and nail for his platform.


“Based on the evidence unearthed by experts we hired, we will make a formal Police Report immediately so that the law can take its course.”