Viola considering legal action against NFRA


Gerald Viola, who has been fired as Deputy Chief Executive Officer at National Food Reserve Agency (NFRA), has said that he is considering taking legal action against the NFRA.

His lawyer Yusuf Nthenda has confirmed saying the NFRA’s resolution to fire Viola is improper.

Nthenda said Viola will make a decision on taking legal action after receiving the dismissal letter.

NFRA disciplinary committee fired Viola after he was found guilty of serious misconduct in a case in which he is accused of issuing a Local Purchase Order worth K3.3 billion to Missie’s Trading to supply 10,000 metric tonnes of strategic grain reserve maize to NFRA.

The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) which is prosecuting the case said Viola awarded the K3.3 billion contract with the agreement that he would pocket 10 percent of the money.

Viola was arrested last month over the matter and was granted bail.

The bureau charged Viola with conspiracy to misuses public office, misuse of public office, interfering with public procurement and forgery.