Diplomat hits at NBS ban over stealing


A diplomat has accused NBS Bank in Malawi of stealing customers’ money.

The diplomat, Lot Dzozi, who once served as Deputy Permanent Representative at Permanent Mission of the Republic of Malawi to the United Nations, has reported the bank to Bankers Association of Malawi.

According to Dzonzi who is also former Inspector General of Malawi Police, his sister withdrew K800,000 in four bundles of K200,000 each but there was a shortfall of K116,000.

“In the past 3 days my sister withdrew money from a bank and found that from 4 bundles of 200000 notes, one bundle had 168000, another 181000, another 175000 and another 160000, instead of 200000. This was in Blantyre at the former NBS Bank,” said Dzonzi in a Facebook post.

Commenters on the post concurred with Dzonzi saying such theft of customers’ money is common in the country’s banks.

NBS Bank was last week hit with a hacking scandal that reports said compromised customers.

The bank, in a statement, downplayed the allegations, saying its system was impenetrable because it was one of the most secure in the industry.