Hayze Engolah ‘suspended’

Hip hop artist Hayze Engolah has been sent on ‘leave’ in the music industry barely two days after choking on a Chichewa freestyle.

The audience challenged Hayze who raps in English to deliver in the local language for the first time. This came after his fellow rapper Gwamba who is popular with Chichewa lyrics, switched to English in his latest song entitled Kasambara.

In response to his performance, a majority of the audience has underrated his lyrics. Most people believe his Chichewa rap is not as impressive as his English rap.

“If I can rate him on the scale of 10, he will surely get a -1 from me. He should just stick to English,” commented Charles Bonongwe

Duncan Gausi also commented, “This guy can’t rap in his own native language, I don’t think anyone was expecting this.”

However a few believe that Hayze did justice to the mic.

“This is pure rap, a rapper should be versatile not rigid, this guy is greatest of all time, bars on bars,” said Henry Kapasule

Engolah is considered as one of Malawi’s gifted lyricists. He proved his prowess in hip hop as a member of Home Grown Africa duo a few years ago.