Chakwera has already started clearing the rubble – State House


State House says President Lazarus Chakwera has already started clearing the rubble in government by firing some principal secretaries and more public officers are expected to be fired.

Press Secretary Brian Banda said on Monday that the process of removing some employees in the civil service and parastatals is continuing.

“Things have already started moving, there are principal secretaries who have been fired and replaced and there are several other things that are happening. So the indication that Chakwera is clearing the rubble is there,” said Banda.

He, however, added that there are processes such as investigations that need to be followed because the current government is building foundations for generations to come.


According to Banda, in some parastatals the boards have met and are expected to take action on employees.

“I don’t think you expect the president to go to a parastatal and fire a chief executive officer.

“The president has charged responsible people to ensure that changes are made where there is lawlessness but in a lawful way so that the fired employees should not sue government in future,” said Banda.

According to Banda, public officers to be targeted include those who were employed during previous administrations without following procedures.

He, however, maintained that the Chakwera administration will not fire a person just because the employee is suspected of being a Democratic Progressive Party sympathizer.