Teachers with master’s degrees demand promotions


Teachers with master’s degrees have demanded promotions, saying they are still teaching in government secondary schools despite upgrading their qualifications.

Over 100 teachers teaching in secondary schools and some in government owned colleges petitioned Parliament this week.

According to the teachers, some of them have Master’s of Education degrees hence should be promoted or redeployed within the government workforce.

“For instance, currently most of us are still teaching in secondary schools after having obtained a Masters of Education degree several years ago, we haven’t moved in terms of promotions we are still on the same grade,” said Modester Banda Nkhoma Chairperson of the teachers.

The teacher’s then asked Members of Parliament to assist in presenting their concerns to the government.

After receiving the petition, Chairperson for the Parliamentary Committee on Education, Science and Technology Brainax Kaise promised the teachers that the committee will summon the Ministry of Education and the Department of Human Resources to resolve the issues.

“These people need something from the government as one way of motivating them even those who have upgraded themselves, they all need to be considered,” he said.