Football followers demand apology from NRFA GS


Football fans in the Northern Region have demanded an apology from Northern Region Football Association (NRFA) General Secretary Masiya Nyasulu.

Nyasulu recently told the local media that Northern Region football is dying because there is no media house which writes about the good work that the Association is doing. He also accused the media of tarnishing the Association’s name.

Commenting on this, Chibavi based football follower Jeremiah Chisale said the association should apologise to sports Journalists.

“I started following football sometime back and I am also following the Simso league. What Nyasulu said is not true because Journalists are doing a good job to promote the game of football here in the North and Malawi as a whole. Why he is trying to defend himself? There is no way media houses can write everything that is good to your side.

“Let me ask the general secretary to reverse his words and apologise to the sports Journalists in the northern region,” said Chisale.

In a separate interview, Gibson Makamo said Nyasulu’s remarks will affect the working relationship between NRFA and the media.

“Let him calm down and withdraw his statement to build the togetherness between two sides,” said Makamo.