HRDC threaten to hold anti-govt demos over illegal land selling


Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) has told government to fire people who are connected to illegal land selling, failure of which the coalition will hold anti-government demonstrations.

Chairperson of the grouping Gift Trapence said this on Friday at a press briefing in Lilongwe.

According to Trapence, some individuals have been acquiring land without following proper procedures as such the Ministry of Lands should end the corruption by firing government workers involved in the malpractice.

Trapence claimed that the HRDC has names of the officers who are involved in the illegal activities.

He added that there is also monopoly in the way people are allocated land.

He said the Ministry of Lands should have systems that can protect people who are acquiring land and should ensure that that there is fair distribution of land to people who have money to buy land more especially Malawians.

“We haven’t really give them ultimatum to address this issue, but we are giving them time which is soonest because there are some issues that can be addressed now. We suggest that government should have copies or digitalized list of people who acquired land legally,” he said.

He added that government should be transparent by showing how it is addressing these cases because Malawians are tired and will not have other options but going to streets to demonstrate.