Malawians want Chikomeni included in Cannabis Authority board

Malawians have appealed to President Lazarus Chakwera to include Ras David Chikomeni Chirwa on the board of the Cannabis Regulatory Authority (CRA).

The Chakwera administration on Wednesday announced boards of over 60 parastatals including the CRA.

The current board of the CRA has Boniface Kadzamira as chairperson as well as Albert Mlambala, Marc Maleta, Harry Mukaka and Hellen Chabunya as members.

However, Malawians want former presidential hopeful Chikomeni to be included. During his unsuccessful bid to become a presidential candidate in the 2019 elections, Chikomeni talked about using cannabis to make several products which would improve the economy of the country.

Chikomeni (L) and Chakwera (2nd from L)

In a Facebook post, Economist Henry Kachaje said Chikomeni should have been in the board since has previously claimed that one cannabis tree can create jobs in Malawi.

“We can’t have the Cannabis Regulatory Authority (CRA) without Ras Chikomeni. He needs to be added. Who is with me on this?” wrote Kachaje.

Many commenters on the post agreed saying Chikomeni has ideas regarding the industry which need to be taken on board.

“I second Bwana Kachaje, Chikomeni he is not a simple person, he is not just a mere Rasta, he is an asset to this Nation. He has brilliant Ideas. He is brilliant,” said one commenter.

“Yes I have listened to that guy. Not only is he brilliant but he also is a factual guy. Always has reference to everything he says,” another person chipped in.

While another commenter said: “Let’s try him maybe he has good ideas too. Moreover, he is in such farming.”