Govt elevates two chiefs in Phalombe


Government has elevated two chiefs in Phalombe, with Deputy Minister of Local Government Halima Daud promising increased honoraria, proper houses and health insurance for the chiefs.

Daud (R) elevating a chief

On Thursday, Daud elevated Sub Traditional Authority (T/A) Namasoko and Group Village Head (GVH) Nyambalo to T/A Namasoko and Sub T/A Nyambalo respectively at Naminjiwa Community College in Phalombe.

She said government is committed to reduce chieftaincy wrangles among royal families by crowning right heirs to the throne.

Daud added that government is dedicated to address the welfare of chiefs and as such will construct proper housing for Sub to Paramount Chiefs in the country.

“The Tonse Alliance Government is working to raise chiefs’ honoraria, build proper houses for them and also put the traditional leaders on health insurance,” she said.

She, however, urged chiefs to lead an exemplary life by desisting from corruption so that they remain custodians of culture, peace and security.

“Chiefs should also refrain from active politics and concentrate on developmental issues,” she advised.

Speaking during the ceremony, both Member of Parliament for Phalombe South and Senior Chief Nkhulambe hailed government for elevating the chiefs.

They applauded government for their interest to promote chiefs’ welfare.

In Chikwawa, Minister of Local Government Lingson Belekanyama was at the installation ceremony of Traditional Authorities Kasisi and Makhwira in the district.

Kasisi chieftaincy had been vacant for five years whilst Traditional Authority Makhwira’s predecessor died in February 2020.

In his remarks, Belekanyama warned chiefs in the country against any involvement in corrupt practices particularly when development projects are introduced in their areas.

Belekanyama (R) and one of the chiefs

He said chiefs need to be custodians and trusted stewards in implementation of all development projects.

The Minister urged the traditional leaders to not only actively participate in the projects, but also ensure that the projects are of good and high quality standard.

Concurring with Belekanyama, Deputy Minister of Lands Abida Mia said it is through chiefs’ positive participation in development that Malawi can truly register significant transformational development.