Jappie, Chiumia used ministerial powers to grab Government property

Former Ministers Jappie Mhango and Grace Chiumia have been accused of abusing their powers to take over ownership of government property in Mzuzu.

Mhango who was Minister of Health in the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration took over Ministry of Works Mzuzu Guest house which is located at Chimaliro area near Chatonda Lodge.

According to reports, Mhango turned the house into his personal property where his second wife resides.

In an interview, a source (name withheld) who worked at the house said it’s now about two years since the place was handed over to Mhango.

“We were told to be relocated to Chimaliro, surprisingly at a later time we discovered that the place is originally owned by Ministry of Works and the house was the guest house for the ministry,” he said.

Mhango did not pick up when contacted.

When the Tonse Alliance took over power in June, it took the Ministry of Health authority to ask Mhango to return a Government vehicle that he was still keeping at his house after surrendering a ministerial vehicle.

In a related development, Grace Obama Chiumia, former Minister of Civic Education in the DPP administration, has also been accused by people living around Lusangazi in Mzuzu that she grabbed land belonging to Government.


A resident identified as Mateyu Zimba said in an interview that he has always known  that the land was owned by Government.

“I was born and grew up here from 1970s. Every citizen here knows that this land belongs to Government and no one can cheat us, but during DPP regime everything changed. Even Chiefs are wondering how Chiumia occupied this land,” Zimba said.

During a visit to the place, it was observed that there is a dam and part of the land used for keeping livestock.

Zimba said the dam was built as part of the Viphya Plantation Concession Plan during Kamuzu Banda’s administration.

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  1. Admarc land and trees sold by chiefs should also be investigated at Mzuzu Admarc depot. Chief are challenging Tonse Tonse government that it do anything. People around kaboko, lusangazi working for the then VTE can testify like Fishani manda.

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