Over 800 self-repatriated Malawians arrive

Over 800 self-repatriated Malawian nationals who boarded 17 buses from South Africa have arrived in the country through the Mwanza border.

Confirming the development to Malawi24 was Mwanza border public relations officer, Inspector Pasqually Zulu who said the group arrived on Sunday evening, September 13, 2020.

The 832 returnees included 372 men, 305 women and 155 children.

Inspector Zulu said the group included stranded Malawian nationals who has stayed days without food amid COVID-19 pandemic which has hit hard the world, South Africa in particular.

However, this time all the processes in relation to border clearance and Covid 19 tests were done right at the border and the group has not been dispatched to Nalikule, Machinga and Domasi TTCs as has been the case previously.

All the returnees have been released to their respective homes and all the outcome of the results on the test will be forwarded to them in their respective destinations considering the fact that all the details were recorded.

The publicist has since commended people living along Mwanza Border for adhering to the advise of not getting closer to where this exercise was being done.

“The task was made simple since only those self-repatriated returnees were the ones on the ground. Kudos to the returnees for being responsible enough we didn’t have chaotic scenes, plus all key stakeholders for a team spirit shown during the exercise.” Thanked Zulu.

Meanwhile, the country is registering a decrease in number of new COVID-19 victims with more of the victims recovering.

Malawi has recorded 5,697 cases including 178 deaths. Of these cases,
1,141 are imported infections and 4,556 are locally transmitted. Cumulatively, 3,742
cases have now recovered bringing the total number of active cases to 1,777.


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  1. Going to their respective homes before quarantine and results wont prevent the spread of the pandemic. Puting the country at a greater risk. Who is going to a brother or sister being closure respectively. Hugs n kisses will be thrown exclusively.

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