DPP’s Ben Phiri resigns

Legislator Ben Phiri has stepped down as Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) DPP Director of Elections due to party leader Peter Mutharika’s loss in the 2020 Presidential Elections.

Phiri wrote a resignation letter dated 17 August, 2020 and addressed to DPP Secretary General Grezelder Jeffrey who has been fired today by the party.

In the letter, Phiri who is also legislator for Thyolo Central said he had wanted the DPP to be in power beyond 2019 and the election loss happened under his stewardship as Director of Elections hence decision to step down.

“I surely cannot claim to have any fresh and viable strategies to spur the party into another victory having lost the past one. I therefore deem it noble and civil for me to follow the tradition in the civilized and mature democracies where such a loss would call for responsible office bearers to step down and pave way for fresh minds to take the party forward,” Phiri said.

Phiri also claimed that following the DPP’s loss, he has been accused of “selling the elections” to the Tonse Alliance which won the presidential polls.

According to Phiri, he finds such an allegation very disturbing and defamatory.

He added that prior to the Fresh Elections, the party made a resolution to safeguard its votes in the Central Region but following the loss, some people have been blaming him for the strategy.

Phiri said: “I find this horrendous and deplorable. I beseech the Party to take full responsibility of its own resolutions otherwise the tendency may deter people from executing their responsibilities for fear of shouldering responsibilities as if the party is their personal Estate.”