On his fortune, politician Lipipa reveals: ‘I am not rich, I am wealthy and clean.’


Youthful politician and successful businessperson Noel Lipipa, owner of multi-million Lab Enterprises, says he is not a rich person but a wealthy 39-year-old man from 22 years of doing honest and responsible business driven by hard work and sharing opportunities.

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Blantyre City South legislator made the comment during an exclusive interview he had with Times Television’s Brian Banda.

Lipipa said Malawi is being destroyed by ‘get-rich’ quickly politicians—politicians who amass millions of money without even a single investment.

“People that are rich are those who, from nowhere, you find that they have too much money, then own fleets of more than 10 vehicles just for personal use. However, they can’t explain the source of such opulence,” he said.

He added that Malawians must be on the guard of public officers, saying it’s a red flag for someone to own fleets of vehicles, too many houses yet that person has no known investment.

“I am happy to tell every Malawian that I am not rich but wealthy. My wealth stems from 22 years of doing business. My business is clean, can be explained, verified and if there is anyone in doubt, I welcome a lifestyle audit,” he said.

Lipipa has since advised young people in Malawi to cultivate a culture of earning and making money using honest ways, saying such processes helps the nation to grow.

He further rubbished reports connecting his name to the K5 billion COVID-19 deal and the ESCOM 40 litres scandal, saying they are all laughable creations by those who always aim at destroying his name.

“My company, Lab Enterprises, never submitted a bid to supply COVID-19 materials to government. On ESCOM, I don’t own a vehicle with such registration numbers; further, I am well stocked to take 40 000 liters from ESCOM,” he said.

Lipipa then revealed that he donates to his constituency the 500 litres of fuel he gets as allowance from Parliament.