Malawians want Fingerpole removed


Malawians have demanded the demolition of Fingerpole, a replica of Statue of Liberty constructed in the capital, Lilongwe.

The Fingerpole was built during the administration of former President Peter Mutharika by a foundation run by former first lady Gertrude Mutharika.

The statue which is at the Parliament Building Roundabout was meant to beautify the place but Malawians have argued that it is meaningless and embarrassing.

“Whatever this is or was supposed to go, it is an eyesore and more go. It’s better to just plant flowers,” wrote lawyer Sunduzwayo Madise on Facebook.

Social media user, Thandie Wa Pulimuheya, also demanded its removal saying flowers should be planted at the roundabout.

“We have been calling for this thing to go for more than 12 months now we have a solution! Get rid of it please it’s an eyesore,” she said.

Other social media users said the statue is the worst artistic thing they have ever seen.

“I often times feel like pulling it down myself,” wrote a commenter on Madise’s post.

According to reports, the statue cost K110 million.