Burning charcoal cause death of couple in Kasungu


Two people died on Sunday night after being suffocated by a burning charcoal burner (mbaula) which they took into their bedroom as they were retiring to bed in Kasungu.

According to Public Relations Officer for Kasungu Police Station Inspector Harry Namwaza have been identified as Vincent Saka aged 57 and Jovita Phiri aged 45.

Namwaza said the couple, after taking supper, retired to bed but the following morning people were surprised to see that the two were not coming out.

An arrangement was made to force the door open to find out why they were not coming out and this is when it was established that Vincent Saka and his wife Jovita Phiri were dead.

Upon checking around inside their bedroom, it was discovered that there was a Mbaula which the two took to the room to keep them warm.

Postmortem showed that death occurred due to suffocation secondary to inhaling injury.

The two were from Yesaya Saka village in the area of Traditional Authority Mnyanja in Kasungu district.