Minibuses capacity slashed to 60%, touting prohibited


The Directorate of Road Traffic and Safety Services (DRTSS) has intensified enforcement on all roads to ensure adherence of Covid-19 measures which include reduction of seating capacity to 60 percent.

The measures which were set earlier this year were not being enforced but with cases now rising, the DTRSS said in a statement on Saturday that the general public should adhere to the preventive measures.

Among other Covid-19 precautionary measures, DRTSS says all public service vehicles (Buses, Minibuses and Taxi’s) should reduce their seating capacity to 60% whilst observing social distance.

“Tricycle, Motorcycle and pedal cycle shall only carry the rider and one passenger whilst observing social distance  as well.

“Goods vehicles shall only carry the driver and one passenger in front seat whilst observing social distance. Animals are not allowed to be carried in vehicles,” the directorate said.

As part of the measures, no standing passengers are not allowed on any public service vehicles and public service vehicles are required to have slide opening windows and those without, should have a functional ventilation system.

The measures also include the requirement for all public service vehicles to be disinfected before commencement of every trip and passengers to put on a Protective face masks that cover nose and mouth.

“All passengers must wash hands with soap or use hand sanitizers before entering a bus or minibus,” the directorate said.

Meanwhile, the DRTSS has warned that it will not hesitate to revoke licenses of any operator and driver who will not adhere to the guidelines and restrictions.

Malawi has recorded 2,364 cases including 38 deaths and 557 recoveries.