People in UK directed to Malawi’s Times Radio during launch of new radio station

People in the United Kingdom were directed to Malawi’s Times Radio as they attempted to listen to a newly launched radio station with the same name.

The Guardian news site reported on Monday that Times Radio of UK launched with a large budget and high-profile presenters, including former BBC presenters.

On its launch, the UK Times Radio had an exclusive interview with Boris Johnson but some listeners failed to tune in.

According to the Guardian, many people in the UK use Amazon’s smart speakers, Alexa, to tune in to the radio. Others use Google’s smart speakers.

Those using Amazon’s smart speakers were taken to Malawi’s Times Radio which was broadcasting a discussion on Malawi politics in Chichewa.

On Sunday, the Malawi media was covering election stories, with new Malawi leader Lazarus Chakwera being sworn-in on the same day.

Chakwera was elected president in the June 23 Fresh Presidential Elections where he defeated former President Peter Mutharika.