Ana Abusa replaces Ana Adad number plates


…MCP asks Police to arrest culprits

Vehicles with ‘Ana Abusa’ number plates have been spotted on the roads of Malawi following Reverend Dr Lazarus Chakwera’s win in the Fresh Presidential Elections.

Unofficial results show that Chakwera has won the polls with 59 percent of the votes, ousting President Peter Mutharika who is fondly called ‘Adad’ by his supporters.

During Mutharika’s five-year term, some of his followers used vehicles with ‘Ana Adad’ number plates. The drivers used such number plates to intimidate traffic police officers and avoid punishment for committing traffic offences. The Directorate of Road Traffic looked powerless in enforcing the relevant laws.

With Mutharika heading for a loss in the elections, vehicles with ‘Ana Abusa’ number plates have been spotted on the roads of Malawi.

Facebook user Daud Kayisi said a stern warning should be sent to retarded people using the illegal number plates.

“Every time we drove around the cities and districts across the country the “ana adad” plates made many of us puke with disgust. We did not only hate it because it was done unprocedural but because it exhumed impunity, no respect of rule of law and nepotism, qualities of clueless APM government. Now we don’t want this,” wrote Kayisi.

Meanwhile, Secretary General of Chakwera’s Malawi Congress Party, Eisenhower Mkaka, has condemned the conduct and has asked the Malawi Police to intervene.

“As Secretary General of the Malawi Congress Party, I will not allow this to happen! We, as Tonse Alliance, fought for better Malawi for all. One of our pillars is respect for the rule of law. The police will have to enforce laws on this one,” said Mkaka.


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  1. Not helpful. This must not be encouraged. Let the rule of law prevail and proper number plates registered and paid for. Anyone using these ana abusa number plates should be treated in terms of the road traffic act.

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